The League of Landscape Photographers is a self-identified group of artists who photograph the natural world around them in accordance with high ethical standards.


Rather than a top-down, formal structure, the League of Landscape Photographers is a grassroots group comprised of photographers with similar values. It transcends borders both physical and digital. If your art has something personal to say about the world, if you photograph with care and respect for other people and the environment around you, if you post these values (or your own ethical values) to the world – then you are the League. You can be active as a League member in the League of Landscape Photographers Facebook group – you’ll be asked to post a link to your code of ethics before being accepted.


The League of Landscape Photographers create to their highest artistic abilities. League members may be professionals, amateurs or beginners – the unifying characteristic of the group is not rank but an honest, even earnest, desire to use one’s creative gifts to make the world a better place. It’s creativity with a conscience!

The Natural World/Landscape

‘Landscape photography’ has a traditional meaning dating back to masters of black and white film shooting in the American southwest. The League of Landscape Photographers work from a much broader, modern understanding of the term that includes and comments on the human presence and impact on the land, altered landscapes and ‘pure’ wilderness.


Joining the League of Landscape Photographers is simple. If you connect with the shared values of artistic integrity, ethical conduct and photography for good, not evil, then post a Code of Ethics and the statement that you are a member of the League of Landscape Photographers – and you are in! You can create your own code (here is an example of a simple but effective code), or you can download this Code of Ethics. The group is also self-evaluating; if you make a claim about your conduct, then please follow it. The world is always watching.

Tread lightly, leave no trace.