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Support photographers! Subscribe to League, an annual collector’s treasure of the best artful and ethical photography in the landscape genre. Your subscription goes 100% toward the cost of producing and printing this special publication and helps fund components of the magazine, such as the prestigious Best of the League award. We believe in valuing creativity; your support ensures that photographers are paid for their wonderful work. Enjoy a publication with no ads and no agenda except the promotion of exceptional landscape photography ethically captured. This print annual is mailed autumn 2018.

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Patrons are special people who not only subscribe to League but also top up their subscription with a donation of $50. We believe in ethical publishing, including sustainable paper-choices, hiring local partners when possible, and paying our contributors for their images. But doing it ‘right’ is not cheap – you can review our budgets and financial goals below. Our Patrons are the incredible people who vote with their wallets and ensure that creativity and creative thinking survive and thrive in today’s challenging world. Thank you for supporting ethical and artistic photography! This print annual is mailed autumn 2018.

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Where does your money go?

Some people think we were crazy to make a magazine. They’re probably right; but with the help of our incredible subscribers, we did it anyway! League Issue 1 is a reality!

In an era characterized by the demise of print to digital output, it seems strange to invest in a high-quality art magazine. But it’s exactly these conditions that are driving a huge appetite for lusciously produced, intelligently designed and captivating content in print. Photographers need League to showcase their artful projects – and they will be paid to do so. And readers need League as a source of thought-provoking inspiration, valuing the passion and creativity of the photographers with their subscription.

Our awesome subscribers raised $26,000 for League Issue 1! We are looking to increase the page numbers for League Issue 2 to 80 pages (up from 64) and pay more photographers for their good work. Below is our budget for expenses and our financial goals for League Issue 2. With your subscription, we can make an even bigger and better League magazine!

League Issue 2 – 80 Page Budget

League Issue 2 – 96 Page Budget