Nathalie Kulin explores the lyrical fury of Elbow Falls

We love it when we see an image that so fresh and expressive that it takes our breath away. And when we find out that image was made at a landscape icon by a photographer with creative vision, we are even more thrilled. Below we present one such image by League team member, Nathalie Kulin. If you’re interested in having images showcased here drop us a line with your submission.

©Nathalie Kulin


“Elbow Falls is a fantastic view, and every landscape photographer in the Calgary region has shot here at one time or another. We live closer than most, so my husband decided it was just the thing to get me out of the house, an activity neither too time-consuming nor too overwhelming for me.

My body posture mimicked my depression and with my head bowed, it was the water’s edge that fascinated me, not the wider vista of the falls. The lyrical fury of the water had me mesmerised. Ever moving, ever changing.

Eventually I found a swoop of snow that pleased me, almost a wave, reinforcing the water motif. It showcased the colour contrast between the ice-blue water and the reddish rock. I took many frames, and it is amazing how each instant is completely different from the other.

Only recently, inspired by Sam and Darwin, have I contemplated a photography project. In these early days, one possibility that appeals to my pagan heart is something involving the elements. This photo would definitely be a contender for Water.”