Meet the TEAM!

Wow! There are so many awesome people lifting this project off the ground. Here at the League, we’d like to introduce some key people making this project a reality. If you have skills you would like to add to the team (e.g. videography, website design, marketing, editing, teaching) we would love to hear from you! Just send an email to us at

Chris Bone

A confirmed introvert and closet geek who is often taken too seriously. I am forever evolving as a photographer and never happier that when I am behind a camera or discussing photography with others.


Chris & Nathalie Greenwood

Chris and Nathalie live in the forest with budgies, dog, and warped senses of humour. Their photography interests span wildlife and the landscape in all forms.

Pam Jenks

When not travelling the world, Pam can be found, camera at hand, with her boots on a hiking trail, her butt in a bike saddle or her feet attached to skis.
Sam and Darwin are founders of oopoomoo which will crowd fund to publish League magazine. They are confirmed foodies, permaculturalists, artists and local vagabonds.