Polar II Prairie

League is first and foremost a publication of artful photography on League themes. For Issue 2, we are focusing on the theme Polar II Prairie. We are leaving the theme open to interpretation by photographers. But in general we expect projects to have a connection to polar and/or prairie regions around the world. We have chosen these two regions because they are likely to see the most impact from climate change. Photographs and projects that bring to light issues, observations and interpretations of these regions are most welcome. Please see our submissions page for guidelines on making a successful submission. Below are brief descriptions of the various sections of the magazine to which you can make submissions.

©Darwin Wiggett – oopoomoo.com

Featured Contributors

Showcasing the personal projects and portfolios of ethical photographers, contributors are primarily League of Landscape Photographers with a League viewpoint on their world. This is the meat and potatoes of the magazine. Using a broad definition of ‘landscape’, portfolios will visually engage with the human connection to and interaction with the land.

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Student Works

The photography projects in League can be serious or fun, from so-called pros or the most beginning of beginners. It’s more about what you have to say than who is saying it. In order to encourage students to continue developing their vision, one of our featured contributors will be a student showcasing a photography project on a League theme. We accept the submissions of students of all ages, although minors will need the permission of a parent or guardian. A ‘student’ can be an adult under the mentorship of another photographer, an attendee of an instructional photo workshop or someone registered with an accredited college and university.

Best of the League Award

Every year, we award a League of Landscape Photographer who has made a positive impact with his or her photography. The Best of the League Award salutes a photographer who has been a leader in the field, educating others through his or her art and elevating us all through his or her photography. Last year our recipient was Freeman Patterson, Canadian photographer extraordinaire. Will you be the 2018 recipient of the Best of the League Award?


League Gallery

Last but not least is a special collection of images from League of Landscape Photographers. If you are a member of the League, but aren’t quite ready to submit a portfolio of images from a larger project, this is where we feature single images from members.


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