Beyond the Icon with Daniel Menheer

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One of the qualities we are looking for in submissions for the website and for League magazine is personal expression. It’s easy to go to an iconic place like Abraham Lake in the Kootenay Plains of Alberta and photograph the famous ice bubbles in the same way that everyone does it (sunrise/sunset, wide-angle lens, big colour impact). We’ve done it! What’s harder is to go there with an open and creative mind and respond to the location as it presents itself, and then to photograph what you see in your way. Daniel Menheer shares this great image of the Abraham Lake bubbles done in an honest and refreshing way.  Thank you, Daniel, for the reminder to cast away expectations and shoot from your heart.

©Daniel Menheer

I’m from the prairies, so “iconic” landscapes are harder to find. I do do some traveling though and found myself in Alberta last January with a friend to enjoy the area and photograph for a number of days. It was refreshing on both a personal level and emotional level as well! We spent the first half of the trip photographing around the Abraham Lake area. There is so much to do and see there, and the bubbles that everyone seems to be after these days was icing on the cake! Our last morning in the area brought with it a light dusting of snow and the mountains shrouded in cloud. As we made our way down to the lake we could see a few other groups huddled together, discussing what to do with the lack of colour in the sky, as well as a lack of bubbles in the ice, as they were all covered up by the snow that was falling. It would have been so easy for us to follow each of those photographers back up to the car, head back to the lodge and crawl into our warm beds for a few more hours of sleep. We’re not like that though…this was our last morning there and we decided to make the best of it. It takes a complete change of mental attitude when you arrive at a place expecting one thing and have mother nature throw you a curve ball. It took a bit to get out of the initial funk, but after a bit we started seeing things with a whole new perspective. Most of the images you see from this area are full of colour and bubbles (and don’t get me wrong…I love that combination as well 🙂 ), but this morning brought with it a new feeling of mystery and the unknown, and I’m pretty happy with the results that came out of it. It was a shame that no one else bothered to stick around that morning, but there was nothing like experiencing that place with no other souls around!

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