How to submit to League magazine (Issue one submissions are now closed – Submissions for Volume 2 will open in October 2017)

Submissions for League magazine open April 5, 2017 and close when we have filled our content needs, or at the latest May 31, 2017. League will be published in the fall of 2017.

Before you submit, please read this page carefully. To improve your chances, familiarize yourself with the publication’s special content, submission categories and look and feel by visiting our inaugural issue page.

There are two options to submit to League magazine. The first is a Curated Submission. For a small admin fee of $25 CDN, our editorial team will not only consider your submission, but also provide one-time, personalized feedback including comments on curating your collection, image strengths and weaknesses, and your overall application.  Please note editorial feedback does not guarantee your entry or re-entry will be successful but is a valuable take-away that we hope improves your submissions to any publication in the future.

All submission fees go toward the costs of producing the inaugural issue.

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Pretty confident in your submission? The second option is a Regular Submission. Make sure you are familiar with the magazine’s submission categories, then continue reading for details on how to submit to League. Please note that if you chose this latter option you will not receive personalized feedback on your submission, and we will only contact successful applicants.

We also welcome League blog submissions!

Submissions to the website are welcome any time! (Please note at this time we are only paying contributors to League magazine and not the website or newsletter, Field Notes, although we’d love to change this in future if our budget permits!) Photographers may write an article for the blog or submit a portfolio of images on a unique project to Recent Work – click here for a sample submission to Recent Work or for samples of single images for our blog. Blog submissions (single image, article, or personal experiences) will have links to the photographer’s website and social media pages if desired. Images published on the blog or Recent Work can still be submitted to League magazine.

Here are the terms and some tips on being published in the magazine or on the website.

Please send your submissions to the publisher, oopoomoo, at


League of Landscape Photographers are defined by their attitude toward nature and each other, and League showcases ethically created photography. A prerequisite to publication is your representation that your images and text (your “work”) are:

  • your own, original work to which you retain copyright, or have legal permission to submit; and
  • obtained in a manner consistent with your own, posted code of ethics. Not sure what that means? Check out this comprehensive set of guidelines for ideas.


League of Landscape Photographers and League are primarily concerned with nature and landscape, but we define landscape in the broadest sense from wilderness to industrial to cultural landscapes (including people and animals on the land).  Instead of an idealized portrait of nature, we want you to show us what you see happening in the world close to you. What do you think of when you see changes to, for example, your favourite nearby park? How has the landscape evolved as you travel your local highways and byways? What can your photography ‘say’ about such happenings? Artists with a personal connection to a topic tend to produce more compelling, personal work – these are the stories we wish to share with the world.

We do not discriminate on your ‘level’ of photographic experience; terminology such as ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ are often meaningless especially when self-ascribed. Your work and conduct will speak for themselves.

We are looking for:

  • original, fresh photography of a high artistic calibre
  • except for the League Gallery and the website blog, most work will highlight photography projects that have not been published to date in other print media
  • creative interpretations or opinions on changes occurring on the landscape – how do these changes impact us as humans? other species?

We are not looking for:

  • ‘calendar’ photography – many publications already offer beautiful scenics
  • stock photography and advertising concepts
  • simplistic projects of any political stripe that propose black and white answers to complex environmental issues – instead, engage, question and dialogue


Remember there are a couple sections of the magazine to which you may submit including Feature Contributor (including one student project) and League Gallery.

Remuneration for successful contributors is based on our Bare Bones Budget at this time. Payment is upon final completion of accepted submissions.

  • Feature Contributor – 3, including a student, at $1000 Cdn each.
  • League Gallery – 25, at $50 Cdn each
  • Cover Image – 1 at $1000 Cdn (chosen by editors)

Please note that, for the inaugural issue, the Best of the League award is not open for submissions, and a recipient has already been chosen. However, this award will be open in future years for exceptional projects on League themes!

Nitty Gritty Details

Images in submissions for both the website and League should be sized 1024px in the long dimension. Except for submissions to the League Gallery section of League magazine or the website blog, the minimum number of images is 5 and the maximum is 50. The best way to submit your images and documents is through a downloadable program like Dropbox so we can verify size and quality. If your submission is chosen for publication in League, we will require at a later date your full resolution, press-ready files. Please also include in your submissions:

  • a bio headshot of yourself
  • a short biography of you and your work including a link to your website or social media pages
  • a short statement (e.g. 500 words) about your project or, if submitting to the blog, an edited, grammatically correct article no longer than 1000 words to accompany your images

Remember to send your submission to the publisher, oopoomoo at

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